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3-3-20 DRAFT Minutes


March 3, 2020 Approved___________

The Locke Township Board met March 3, 2020 in the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road.

Present:  Hart, Turner, Fuller, Shepler, VanDooren.  Also, present:  Robert and Deanna Davis, Sheri Rambo, Dale McGoron, Rod McNeil (ICHD), Meredith Gregory (ICHD), Kevin Lee, Ron Harris (WASC), John Roy Castillo (WASC), Julie Rudd (WASC).

Absent:  None.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Hart followed by pledge to flag. 

Additions to agenda/approval of agenda:  Transition for Treasurer position under Treasurer Reports, Addition of duties under Unfinished Business, Website posting under New Business.

Open Budget Public Hearing at 7:03 PM by Supervisor Hart with an explanation/summary of 2020-21 proposed Budget.

Public Comment:  None.

Close Public Hearing at 7:05 PM.

Public Comment/Presentations:  Ingham County Health Department-Meredith Gregory, Land & Water Supervisor and Rod McNeil, Prevention & Response Supervisor gave a presentation on updates to the Ingham County Sanitary Code, and the 10 year/20-year inspection program.  The 10 year/20-year inspection program will be put on hold for now.

Leave Gregory & McNeil at 7:21 PM.

New Business:

Manor Costerian audit quote for year end 3-31-2020 anticipated to be $4500.  Motion Hart, second VanDooren to enter into agreement with Manor Costerian for audit at an anticipated cost of $4500.  PASSED {5-0}.

20200210 Fowlerville Senior Center request for financial support.  No action.

20200213 letter to Deanna Davis re: auxiliary aid.  Information received from Davis on different types of auxiliary aids.

20200218 letter to Living Church of God, refund or deny $50 deposit. Discussed issue with Church storing their items in the table and chair storage area.  Kevin Lee felt there was a miscommunication and that items would no longer be stored there.  Consensus to refund deposit.

Leave Kevin Lee at 7:40 PM.

Metro Act Permit Renewal for CenturyTel Midwest-Michigan, Inc. d/b/a CenturyLink.  Motion Fuller, second Shepler to approve the permit renewal request under the Unilateral Form of the Michigan Metro Act for an additional Five-year period December 8, 2019 to December 7, 2024.  PASSED {5-0}.

Resolution 2020-03 General Fund Budget and Appropriations Act.  Motion Hart, second Fuller to approve Resolution 2020-03 RE:  General Fund Budget and General Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 04-01-20 thru 03-31-21.  Roll call vote; Yes-Hart, Turner, Fuller, VanDooren, Shepler.  No-None.  PASSED {5-0}.  

Discussion of Website postings and notices.  Need information on moving website access to Township Hall for better efficiency.

Unfinished Business:

Job posting procedure/Recording Secretary discussed.  Discussed need to reach out to inform residents of position openings.  Recording Secretary to be posted at Township Hall and on website.

Description of Duties discussed.  VanDooren questioned lack of policy for Description of Duties.

Printer quotes to replace multi-office printer discussed:

  American Office Solutions Clarklake Sharp vk3571     $7848

  Toshiba Business         Southfield               Toshiba 2515ac   $5580 w/$9.65 mo. Service plan

  Applied Imaging         Lansing Canon c3500     $4641 w/$50 mo. Service plan

  Applied Imaging, Lansing   Lansing Ricoh c2000     $3702 w/$50 mo. Service plan

  H C Berger         Okemos               Kyocera 3253ci   $5888 w/$270 yr service plan

  H C Berger         Okemos Kyocera 2553ci   $5366 w/$270 yr service plan

Motion Hart, second Shepler to purchase Canon c3500 from Applied Imaging at a cost of $4641 with $50/mo service plan.  Roll call vote; Yes-Fuller, VanDooren, Shepler, Hart, Turner.  No-None.  PASSED {5-0}.


*Clerk- Feb Rev/Exp report distributed.   Presidential Primary Election preparation report. 

*Trustee- VanDooren announced that she would not be seeking re-election for the office of Trustee this year.  PC to meet this month.

*Treasurer- Fuller announced that she would not be seeking re-election for the office of Treasurer this year.  Feb Treasurers report distributed.  Motion Fuller, second Hart to approve accounts payable checks #4790-#4805 in the amount of $25,241.36.  PASSED {5-0}.  Treasurer has been documenting procedures for incoming Treasurer to aid in the transition.

*Supervisor-Attended 02-13 NIESA, 02-05 NIESA personnel committee, 02-17 special NIESA meetings.

 *Zoning Administrator- Feb report distributed, building permits update. 

Communications, seminars, etc.

Apr 27-30, 2020 MTA Annual Educational Conference/Expo, Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City.

State and Local Government Services re:  Americans with Disabilities Act.

May 29-Aug 5 Seventh-Day Adventist Church door-to-door literature evangelists distribution.

Aug 19-21, MAM Cemeteries Conference, Traverse City $129 by July 19th.

Public Comment/Presentations:  Williamston Area Senior Center gave a presentation on the services, funding and challenges of the Senior Center and information on proposed millage question for the November election.

Leave Harris, Rudd and Castillo at 8:41 PM.

Any Other Business:  None.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM by Supervisor Hart.

Glenda S Turner

Locke Township Clerk

Phone: (517) 468-3405
Fax: (517) 468-0105
3805 Bell Oak Rd
Williamston, Mi 48895