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5-11-21 DRAFT Minutes

LOCKE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES                                     Draft 5-13-2021

May 11, 2021                                                                                                                     Approved___________


The Locke Township Board met May 11, 2021 in the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road.

Present:  Hart, Turner, Rambo, Shepler, Davis.  Also, present:  4 Locke Township residents

Absent:  None.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Hart followed by pledge to flag.

Additions to agenda/approval of agenda: None.

Action on Accounts Payable Independent Bank checks #5151-#5166 totaling $13,455.43.  Motion Shepler, second Hart to approve accounts payable checks #5151- #5166 in the amount of $13,455.43.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on April 13, 2021 meeting minutes.  Motion Davis, second Rambo to approve the minutes of April 13, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.


Unfinished Business:  None.


Public Comment/Presentation.


New Business:

American Rescue Plan (ARP) federal funding thru Ingham County, Locke to receive $183,456

Infrastructure funding request form to be submitted by June 1st [Roads/Broadband].  Roads are not included in infrastructure at this time, broadband, water and sewer are included.

Depository for ARP funds discussed.  Motion Hart, second Shepler to transfer ARP funds when received, from Independent bank to a new account at Huntington Bank, for the purpose of keeping the funds separate.  PASSED {5-0}.

Authorize registration cost of $25 ea. For Twp Bd and Plan Comm members to attend MTA Webinar May 12th noon-1pm, What your Board needs to Know about Planning and Zoning, Shepler, Davis, Dean Kitchenmaster and Sarah Lackey registered.  Motion Turner, second Rambo to approve registration cost of $25 for Shepler, Davis, Kitchenmaster and Lackey to attend MTA Webinar on May 12th.  PASSED {5-0}.

Authorize $60 additional meeting for Trustees Shepler & Davis attending virtual MTA Webinar on May 12.  Motion Turner, second Rambo to authorize $60 additional meeting for Trustees Shepler & Davis to attend virtual MTA Webinar on May 12th.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on Resignation of Ken Cook from Zoning Board of Appeals.  Motion Shepler, second Davis to accept the resignation of Ken Cook from the Zoning Board of Appeals.  PASSED {5-0}.




*Treasurer- Apr Treasurers report distributed; 5% tax delinquencies Mar 2021/4% delinquencies Mar 2020; Attended Apr 19-21 virtual MTA annual conference; attended virtual qtr treas meeting.

*Clerk- Apr Rev/Exp report distributed; Attended  Apr 19-21 virtual MTA annual conference; SAM & Duns registrations-ARP pre-award requirement completed; Attended CAMC virtual  qtr meeting; May 4th Election day update (Fowlerville Schools).

*Trustee- Davis expressed concern over odor coming from a nearby parcel.

*Supervisor-Attended 04/08/21 NIESA Zoom meeting; Attended Apr 19-21 virtual MTA annual conference.

*Zoning Administrator- April report distributed, building permits update.


Communications, seminars, etc.:

May 30-Aug 8 10am-9pm Seventh Day Adventist church door-to-door student literature evangelists

Aug 18-20  MI Assoc of Cemeteries Annual Conference, Traverse City $129 plus lodging

Wheatfield Twp possible industrial wind turbine placement [also Ingham, Leroy, Stockbridge, White Oak Twps] Wheatfield Planning meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month.


Public Comment.


Any Other Business/Board member comments:  None.


Adjournment:  Motion Turner, second Davis to adjourn meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.  Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM.



Glenda S Turner

Locke Township Clerk


Phone: (517) 468-3405
Fax: (517) 468-0105
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