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1-11-2022 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

LOCKE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES                                     Draft 01-13-2022

January 11, 2022                                                                                                                              Approved___________


The Locke Township Board met January 11, 2022, in the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road.

Present:  Hart, Turner, Rambo, Shepler, Davis.

Absent:  None.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Hart followed by pledge to flag.

Additions to agenda/approval of agenda: None.

Action on Accounts Payable Independent Bank checks #5355-#5385 totaling $87,820.13.  Motion Hart, second Rambo to approve accounts payable checks #5355- #5385 in the amount of $87,820.13.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on December 14, 2021 meeting minutes.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to approve the minutes of December 14, 2021 Board of Trustees meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.

Public Comment/Presentation: None.


Unfinished Business:

American Rescue Plan (ARP) federal funding thru Ingham County, Locke to receive $194,474.

Received $97,237. Need Policy:  Governmentwide Requirements for Drug-Free Workplace, Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations.

Cemetery records software:

[yellow] BS & A                     $3960/$365 annual maint.

[blue]    Pontem   [Leroy]     $4695/$945 annual maint. OR $11380 w/GIS maps/$1130 one user.

[green] CemSites [Conway] $$4230/$750 annual maint. OR $13400 in Cloud/$2400 three users.

Legacy     [Wmstown] not yet received.


New Business:

Appointments- Motion Davis, second Rambo to approve the appointment of Ben Howard to the Locke Township Planning Commission for a term to expire 12-31-2024.  PASSED {5-0}.

Resolution 2022-01 Seatbelt Use.  Motion Hart, second Turner to approve Resolution 2022-01 Seatbelt Use Policy.  Roll call vote; Yes-Davis, Rambo, Shepler, Hart, Turner.  No-None.  Absent-None.  PASSED {5-0}.

Resolution 2022-02 Ban Text Messaging While Driving.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to approve Resolution 2022-02 Ban Text Messaging While Driving.  Roll call vote; Yes-Shepler, Hart, Turner, Davis, Rambo.  No-None.  Absent-None.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action to pay $103 in-person/$78 online registration & mileage for Bd of Review members training [Kitchenmaster, Shinkle & Hart registered online].  Motion Shepler, second Rambo to pay $78 registration for Bd of Review members to attend online training.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on Trustee $60 additional meeting compensation for the following dates; Shepler-Mar 24, June 8, Sept 23 and Dec 22.  Davis-June 8 and Nov 9 (including mileage).  Motion Hart, second Turner to pay Trustees Shepler and Davis $60 additional meeting compensation (including mileage) for dates as stated.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action to pay $125 registration, lunch, mileage for Treasurer to attend Jan 13-14 BS & A training in Mason.  Motion Turner, second Davis to pay $125 registration, lunch, mileage for Treasurer to attend Jan 13-14 BS & A training in Mason.  PASSED {5-0).

20211223 LandPlan letter regarding Zon Ord amendment for wind/solar energy quote of $5500-$6500 [update proposed by Planning Commission].

Annual Planning Commission Report 2021

Hall Rentals summary

Discussion/Consensus to use some of our ARPA grant for lost rental revenue & hazard pay for non-elected employees.

Discussion of wages and salaries review for next budget year.



*Treasurer- Dec Treasurers report distributed.

*Clerk- Dec Rev/Exp report distributed; attended 12/16 ICC/MTA zoom meeting re: County broadband update; Completed Chart of Accounts change with BS & A; attended 1/07 Dept of Treas SLFRF Final Rule Briefing on ARPA funds.

*Trustee- Shepler: attended 12/22 Fahey Schultz Attys webinar; Top 5 insider tips for twps., buying/selling property.

*Supervisor-Attended 12/09/21 NIESA meeting-Wieland-Davco preparing quote to upgrade Leroy Station; attended 12/16 ICC/MTA zoom meeting re; County broadband update [Ing Co Bd of Comm entered into an agreement w/Merit Network for $56,000 to assess county-wide broadband needs and planning]; attend 12/09 zoom Tri County Hazard Mitigation plan; attend/moderate Dec 14th Bd of Rev meeting.

*Zoning Administrator- Dec report distributed, building permits update.


Communications, seminars, etc.:

Ingham Co Sheriff Dept Sgt Chad Doyle report for Dec (5 calls/reports)- 2 vehicle crashes, a natural death, a suspicious situation, and a trespassing complaint.

Holiday cards from; Decker Agency, Jodi Johnson, HSC.

Decker Agency Ins-rec. $99.70 dividend return from Accident Fund Ins (10%).

MTA-Cindy Dodge 12/16 e-mail re; BOR conflict of interest “A family member is not necessarily a conflict unless they are on the deed or part of a trust having financial gain.  A BOR member may choose to abstain from making decisions on family member properties for a public perception reason, but it is not required’.

MTA Annual Educational Conference, April 25-28, 2022 in Lansing [$388 in person/$199 virtual]


Public Comment:  None.

Any Other Business/Board member comments:  None.

Adjournment:  Motion Turner, second Davis to adjourn meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.  Meeting adjourned at 7:55 by Supervisor Hart.



Glenda S Turner

Locke Township Clerk

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