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Agenda 2-8-22


TUES FEBRUARY 8, 2022, 7:00 PM

LOCKE TWP HALL- 3805 BELL OAK RD, WMSTN 48895     517 468-3405

  1. Call to Order, Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Additions to agenda/approval of agenda
  3. Action on Accts Payable Ind. Bank checks #5386 – #54___ totaling $ ___________
  4. Action on January 11, 2022 meeting minutes
  5. Public Presentation / Public Comment [3 minutes limitation]
  6. Unfinished Business:

*American Rescue Plan (ARP) federal funding thru Ingham County, Locke to receive $194,474

Received $97,237 Nov. 2021, + additional $391.52 in Jan. 2022 [reallocated from declined non-entitlement units]

                                Need Policy:  Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations 

                *Cemetery records software:

1.BS&A  $3960+$365 annual maint.     2.Pontem [Leroy] $4695+ $945 annual maint. OR $11380 w/GIS maps

3.CemSites [Conway] $4230+ $750 annual maint. OR $13400 in Cloud   4.Legacy [Wmstown] not yet received

7. New Business:

*Appointments – ZBA member, Jordan Smith-remainder of Montgomerie 12-31-23 term

*Action on LandPlan Inc proposal for Wind & Solar Energy Zon Ord Amendments at a                                cost up to $6500 as stated in Dec. 23, 2021 communication [letter dist. last month][Note-Wheatfield Twp retained LandPlan for their Wind/Solar; White Oak retained McKeena Assoc]

*Res 2022-03 Poverty Guidelines [pink]

*2022-23 Wages

*Res 2022-04 Township Officers Salary [yellow]

*Res 2022-05 Governmentwide Requirements for Drug-Free Workplace

*Worksheet for multi year Proposed General Budget

I.T.Right quote for clerk & treasurer computer replacement $1737.50

*04/01/2021 – 03/31/2022 Budget Amendment

101 446 819 Highways/Streets/Bridges Expense        $5310.00 DR

101 000 528 ARPA Grant Funds Income                                      $97237. 00 CR

8. Reports:

Treasurer –Jan treas report; attended BS&A tax training Jan 13-14 in Mason

Clerk –  Jan rev/exp report; completed qtrly & yr end filings; completed polling place accessibility w/ Sec of State; completed local election survey w/Brennan Law; 2/2/22 zoom mtg Paul Seddon-Plotbox Cemetery software

Trustee –  Davis:

Shepler: attend Jan 18th Plann Comm

Supervisor –  attend 01-13 NIESA meeting & 01-26 NIESA personnel meeting; completed Annual Census Boundary/Annexation Survey; (Attend Jan 27th ICHD proposed Sanitary Code Chapter 2; submitted Tri County Hazard Mitigation Plan survey of capabilities; completed Census Annual Boundary & Annexation Survey [no changes]

Zoning Administrator –Jan report; building permits update

9. Communications, seminars, etc.

*Ingham County Sheriff Dept Sgt Chad Doyle-Jan calls:

*MTA Annual Educational Conference, April 25-28, 2022 in Lansing [$388 in person / $199 virtual]

10. Public Comment [3 minute limitation]

    11. Any Other Business / Board member comments

    12. Adjournment

The Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at the Board meeting upon

3 days notice in writing or by calling the Locke Township Clerk at 517 468-3405.


Dorothy G Hart, Locke Township Supervisor                                                      Next meeting – March 8


*notes from Ingham County Health Dept Sanitary Code Chapter 2 zoom meeting:

*current Sanitary Code written in 1978

*State required Chapter 2 update at 2019 review

*10-20 year inspection of household onsite treatment systems on hold

*minimum 1500 gal septic tank for 1-3 bedroom home

*minimum 2000 gal, 2 compartment tank for 4 bedrooms

*certification of contractors

*no straw cover – synthetic material over drainfield stone

*Update [when complete] goes to Ingham County Board of Commissioners for approval

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Fax: (517) 468-0105
3805 Bell Oak Rd
Williamston, Mi 48895