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Tuesday and Thursdays 10AM - 4PM

Agenda 4-12-22


7:00 PM     LOCKE TWP HALL- 3805 BELL OAK RD, WMSTN 48895     517 468-3405


  1. Call to Order, Welcome, Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Additions to agenda/approval of agenda
  3. Action on March 8, 2022 meeting minutes
  4.  Action on Accts Payable Ind. Bank checks #5430 – #54___ totaling $ ___________
  5.  Public Presentation / Public Comment [3 minutes limitation]


  1.  Unfinished Business:

                Current Zoning Administrator Appointment agreement


  1.  New Business:

*Action on accepting temporary gas sur charge billing from Chase Lawn Care Services

[Their quote was submitted in Feb. when gas was $3.75 per gallon]

*Action on re purchase of 6 Rowley Cemetery burial sites [65% of $2100=$1365]

*Res 2022-09 Compliance with Applicable Law and Regulations [blue]

*Ordinance 2022-01 Large Solar Energy System Moratorium

Planning Commission requests this moratorium.  Action to refer to Twp Attorney for review.

*Action on verbal quote of $600 from Parisian Home Improvement for ceramic tile/grout

repair/replacement @ twp hall [reminder that written quote from Lansing Tile & Mosaic was $4910]

*Action on HSC, Inc 2 yr Assessor Agreement extension @ $1800 mo.[current $1660 mo.]


  1.  Reports:

Treasurer –Mar treas report

Clerk –  Mar rev/exp report;quote from Spectrum Printers for 1511 voter ID cards $1063.88; 2022 Election

Security Grant [possible avenue for security camera funding]; 3/16 met w/John S.-Dreamt Cemetery

software; 3/21 zoom webinar w/Dept of Treas-ARPA reporting overview; completed qtr  tax reports

Trustee –  Shepler: PC special meeting Apr 19th for solar ordinance update continuance


Supervisor –  attend 03-10 NIESA meeting/3/?? met w/NIESA director [NIESA calls graph]; attend

3/08,3/14&15 BOR;

Zoning Administrator –Mar report; building permits update


  1. Communications, seminars, etc.

*Ingham County Sheriff Dept Sgt Chad Doyle-5 Feb calls:1 domestic assault/4 vehicle crashes

*MTA Annual Educational Conference, April 25-28, 2022 in Lansing [$388 in person / $199 virtual]

*Par Plan News, April 2022 edition


  1. Public Comment [3 minute limitation]
  2.  Any Other Business / Board member comments
  3.  Adjournment


The Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at the Board meeting upon

3 days notice in writing or by calling the Locke Township Clerk at 517 468-3405.


Dorothy G Hart, Locke Township Supervisor                                                      Next meeting – May 10

Phone: (517) 468-3405
Fax: (517) 468-0105
3805 Bell Oak Rd
Williamston, Mi 48895