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Bob Davis

Nov. 2020- 

Skills/Qualities. Running because of the people – I know the people, I am the people. Lifetime resident, Perry High School graduate, MSU agriculture degree, Farmer, Businessman, husband, father, grandfather, neighbor.

Achievements/experience. Attended countless township seminars. Twelve years on planning commission. Worked with Ingham, Shiawassee, and Livingston Country Drain Commission and Ingham County Road Commission on projects.

Hopes to accomplish. Have a vision, starting point is the dire need for more transparency so citizens know what the township is doing for them and when. Want detailed notices of meetings, minutes promptly published, revamp website. Provide updated place where notices, meetings, happenings, agendas,budget, board information easily accessible.


Phone: (517) 468-3889
Email: [email protected]