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Clerk/Hall Custodian

Glenda Turner

Locke Township Clerk 2016-Present, Locke Township Deputy Clerk 2004-2016

Skills/Qualities. Resident of Locke Township since 1990. Involvement in Locke Township government for the past twenty years has provided important qualifications and an avenue to gain experience.

Achievements/experience. Started as an election inspector , then deputy clerk, and in 2016 was elected clerk. Keeping up with the changes in our local government and assisting the residents through the changes, whether it is through the election process, cemetery needs, Board decisions, Hall rentals, etc.

Hopes to accomplish. Offering our residents further digital access to Township records needs to continuously be addressed. Suggestions and opinions from residents are often solutions to issues that need to be heard.


Phone: (517) 468-3405
Email: [email protected]