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Webberville Community Schools

We aspire to be a premier school system that will set the new standard of excellence. The mission of Webberville Community Schools is to provide a progressive, personalized education in a safe and caring environment by a dedicated vision-driven staff.

Williamston Community Schools

Mission: All learners are college or career ready so that upon graduation they may pursue their goals as knowledgeable and productive global citizens in a rapidly evolving world.

Perry Public Schools

Our teachers are caring, and our curriculum is state of the art. With innovative programs to both push students’ learning as well as support them when they struggle, we believe every student should and can learn in a rigorous environment such as Perry High School offers. Our successful standardized test scores speak for themselves: we are among the top two or three schools in the county, and we outpace the State of Michigan’s scores each year.

As area innovators in technology, we have been a “One to One” school for years, with 100% of students and teachers using digital devices every day, in every class. Student learning is enhanced through use of Chromebooks, iPads, and computers, and parental communication is greatly increased.

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Morrice Public Schools

Big Enough For Excellence… Small Enough to Care

The mission of Morrice Area Schools is to prepare responsible,
educated citizens for service and success.

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Fowlerville Community Schools

Fowlerville Community Schools are committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students in a safe, orderly, healthy, and nurturing environment. The district’s guiding principles are
educational excellence, effective leadership, personal integrity, mutual respect and continuous improvement through staff, student, and community involvement.

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