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2021 Board of Review Notice

2021 Board of Review Notice




The Locke Township Board of Review will hear assessment appeals at the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road, Williamston according to the following schedule:

Organizational Meeting:         Tuesday March 02, 2021        8 AM

Appeal Hearing:                      Monday March 08, 2021        9 AM–noon  & 2 – 5 PM

Tuesday March 09, 2021        1 – 4 PM       & 6 – 9 PM

2021 Tentative Ratios and Estimated  Multipliers Factor for each Property Class:

Property Class                         Ratio                                      Factor

Agricultural                             50.19%                                    0.99622

Commercial                             58.07%                                    0.86103

Industrial                                 56.21%                                    0.88953

Residential                              44.63%                                    1.12033

Personal                                   50.00%                                    1.00000

The Board of Review will meet to hear questions, protests and to equalize the 2021 assessments.  Residents are able to protest by letter received prior to March 09, 2021.

COVID-19 social distancing requirements, mask mandate and limitations on the number of individuals in an indoor public gathering observed.

Locke Township will provide necessary reasonable services to individuals with disabilities at the Board of Review meetings upon 3 days notice.  Contact:  Locke Township Clerk, 3805 Bell Oak Road, Williamston MI  48895, 517 468-3405.


This meeting is open to all members of the public under Michigan’s Open Meetings Act, PA 267 of 1976, as amended [MCL41.72a(2)(3)] and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Board of Review Members:  Vernon Cobb, Dean Kitchenmaster, Roger Smith

Supervisor/Board of Review Secretary:  Dorothy G Hart

Phone: (517) 468-3405
Fax: (517) 468-0105
3805 Bell Oak Rd
Williamston, Mi 48895