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PC Minutes 1-18-22



1/18/20221 7:00 PM


1. Call to Order and reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance 7:01

2. Present: David Carlson, Matthew Flint, Marsha Shepler, Dorothy Hart, Sarah Lackey, Ben Howard

3. Public Attendance: None

4. Motion to approve November 16,2021 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes by Flint supported by Shepler; motion carries: Passed (5:0)

5. Carlson inquired if there are any additions to the agenda. None proposed.

6. Election of Officers:

*Kitchenmaster has completed his term in office. [200I-2021]

Chairperson: Flint nominated Carlson, Shepler, seconds – Motion to vote. Motion passes 5:0

Vice Chairperson: Lackey nominated Flint, Shepler seconds – Motion to vote. Motion passed 5:0

Secretary: Carlson nominated Lackey, Shepler seconds – Motion to vote. Motion passes 5:0

7. Review Zoning Ordinance Article 6 and Article 7.
Section 7.03 – The Planning Commission suggests reducing the burden of 15 copies of the completed application and attachments be reduced to 10 copies needed or the sum total copies equal to the number of Planning Commission member and Township Board Members.

Section 7.03 currently reads: Application, Distribution and Data: A petitioner shall submit fifteen (15) copies of a completed application for ordinance amendment to the Zonng Administrator on a form established for that purpose, which shall include a detailed description of the proposed amendment including the name, address and phone number of the applicant and the desired change(s) and reason(s) for such change(s). Upon receipt of the application forms, the Zoning Administrator shall record the date of their receipt and transmit copies to the Planning Commission, Township Board, and other agencies or individuals selected to review such plans including but not necessarily limited to Township departments and staff, consultants, Ingham County Drain Commissioner and Ingham County Road Department. See Section 3.08 regarding application fees.

8. The PC reviewed Mark Eidelson’s response to the PC’s request to look into updating the township’s solar and wind energy ordinance. The PC would like to move forward with updating the plan. Hart will gather additional quote information. The PC requests that the Locke Township Board further assess the need to update the Locke Township Wind and Solar Energy Ordinances. The PC asks that the cost of the of the ordinance updates be considered in the 2022 budget.

9. No public comment

10. Motion for adjournment made by Carlson at 7:43, supported by Flint, motion passed (5:0).

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