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3-14-23 Meeting Minutes — DRAFT

LOCKE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES                                     Draft 03-16-2023

March 14, 2023                                                                                                                  Approved___________


The Locke Township Board met March 14, 2023 in the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road.

Present:  Hart, Turner, Rambo, Shepler, Davis.  Also present:  Approx 50 individuals, see attached sign-in sheet.

Absent:  None.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Hart followed by pledge to flag.

Additions to agenda/approval of agenda: Motion Turner, second Rambo to approve the agenda.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on February 14, 2023 meeting minutes.  Motion Shepler, second Davis to approve the minutes of February 14, 2023 Board of Trustees meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on Accounts Payable Independent Bank checks #5792-#5822 totaling $22,822.13.  Motion Shepler, second Turner to approve accounts payable checks #5792- #5822 in the amount of $22,822.13.  PASSED {5-0}.


Open Public Hearing at 7:02 PM.  The purpose of the Public Hearing is to hear public comment on the General Budget and Millage for Fiscal Year April 1, 2023-March 31, 2024.  Explanation on recommended 2023-24 Budget with suggested updates given by Supervisor Hart.

Public Comment:  Kathy Coffey, Haslett Rd questioned amounts/purpose for legal expense, professional fees and amount budgeted for contract grounds.

Public Hearing closed at 7:06 PM.


Public Comment:Individuals commented on results from survey sent to residents, Solar systems and Landfill Ordinance.


New Business:

Selection of Lawn Mowing Contractor.  Review of bids and references.  Motion Turner, second Rambo to enter into agreement with Nicks for Locke Township Hall mowing for 2023 season.  PASSED {5-0}.

Motion Turner, second Shepler to enter into agreement with Strongs for cemetery mowing for 2023 season.  PASSED {5-0}.

Process for selecting Township Planner-2023 Feb. summary Planner/Attorney Survey discussed.

Action on Trustee $65 additional meeting compensation-Feb 23rd Wind/Solar meeting (Davis and Shepler).  Motion Turner, second Rambo to compensate Davis and Shepler $65 additional meeting and mileage for attending the Feb 23rd presentation on wind/solar.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on Dep. Zon. Adm. $200 compensation for SLU reviews for PC-Rollins & Smith.  Motion Davis, second Turner to compensate Dep. Zon. Adm $200 for SLU reviews for PC-Rollins & Smith.  PASSED {5-0}.

Resolution 2023-04 General Fund Budget/General Appropriation Act Fiscal Yr 4/1/23-3/31/24.  Motion Shepler, second Hart to adopt Resolution 2023-04 General Fund Budget/General Appropriation Act Fiscal Yr 4/1/23-3/31/24with suggested updates, Estimated Revenues totaling $513,700.00 and Estimated Expenditures totaling $609,000.00.  Roll call vote; Yes-Turner, Shepler, Hart, Rambo, Davis.  No-None.  PASSED {5-0}.

Ordinance 2023-01 Moratorium-whether to proceed.  Consensus to refer Wind & Solar Moratorium to the PC.


Unfinished Business:

2023 Local Road Program-recommendations/suggestions.  Suggested to include Herrington-Royce to Mohrle and Moyer Rd-52 to Webberville Rd and 3 mi of gravel road improvement to the 2023 Local Road program.  Will submit recommendations to ICRD for an agreement.


Reports:  All elected officials attended the Feb 23rd ICC/MTA Wind and Solar presentation in East Lansing.

*Treasurer- Feb Treasurers report distributed; collected 95% of 2022 taxes; beginning ‘settlement with County; 3/2 met w/Kevin Decker-ins review.

*Clerk- Feb Rev/Exp report distributed; reviewed Marion Twp/Homier video; 3/2 met w/Kevin Decker-ins review; mailed 271 AV ballot applications for May 2, 2023 Webberville Schools election.

*Trustee- Davis reported that he contacted Ingham County Drain Commission-no applications for Landfills have been submitted. Shepler reported she has been in contact with Attorney Homier.

*Supervisor-Attended 02/09/23 NIESA meeting, Feb NIESA calls report [dk pink]; attend 02/23

4 easy steps to hire the best candidate webinar.

*Zoning Administrator- Feb report distributed, building permits update.


Public Comment:  Individuals commented on Landfill moratorium, concern with fire issues in reference to Solar panels, concern with property values and selection of a Township Planner.


Communications, seminars, etc.:

20230305 email from resident Witgen-suggested motion retain Atty Homier with Foster Swift    [green].

20230305 email from resident Witgen-suggested motion 6 mo moratorium Landfill/Solar/Wind  [green].

Ingham Co Sheriff Dept Sgt Chad Doyle report for Feb.- 3 calls: 1 petition for someone w/mental health issues, a family trouble complaint, a vehicle crash.

Apr 17-20, 2023 MTA Annual Conference, Traverse City.

May 1 deadline for 2023 Ing County Trails/Parks Millage Grant Program application.

Community Project Funding grant.

Aug 16-18, MI Assoc of Cemeteries Conference, Traverse City, $149 registration by Aug 4.


Any Other Business/Board member comments:  None.


Adjournment:  Motion Turner, second Davis to adjourn meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.  Meeting adjourned at 8:29 by Supervisor Hart.


Glenda S Turner

Locke Township Clerk

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Fax: (517) 468-0105
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