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PC Meeting Minutes 5-21-24


May 21, 2024   7:00 PM     LOCKE TOWNSHIP HALL, 3805 BELL OAK RD, WMSTN


Members Present:  Ty Hull, Jordan Smith, Marcy Shepler, Ben Howard,.  Members Absent:

Cory Jorgensen.


Call to order by Chairperson Smith @ 7 pm.  Pledge of Allegiance.


Action on April 16, 2024 minutes.  Motion Shepler, second Hull to approve.  PASSED.


Public comment.  None-no public present.


New Business.

Discuss current parcel sizes and how changing this would impact Locke Township.

Discuss ways to keep our Township as it has been in regards to parcel size and current demographics.

Discuss MI Housing Readiness Incentive Grant approval for Master Plan.


Unfinished business.  None.


Meeting adjournment. Motion Howard, second Shepler to adjourn.  PASSED. Meeting adjourned at

8:10 PM.


Next meeting July 16th .




Ben Howard, PC secretary


2024 meeting dates:  Jan 16   Mar 19   Apr 16     May 21   June 18    July 16     Aug 20   Sept 17   Oct 15    Nov 19

Current Planning Commission members/terms:

12/31/2024   Ben Howard                                 11/20/2024   Marcy Shepler-ex official Twp Bd member        12/31/2025   Jordan Smith & Ty Hull                     12/31/2026   Cory Jorgensen


Officers: Chairperson Jordan Smith;  vice chair Marcy Shepler;  secretary Ben Howard

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