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PC Minutes 11-16-21



11/16/2021 7:00 PM


  1. Call to Order and reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance 7:00 
  2. Present: Dean Kitchenmaster, David Carlson, Matthew Flint, Marcy Shepler, Dorothy Hart, Sarah Lackey 
  3. Public Attendance: None
  1. Kitchenmaster called for any additions: In addition to the agenda, the planning commission will review the White Oak Township Wind Ordinance. 
  2. Approval of minutes-9/21/2021 regular meeting. Motion to accept, Flint; second, Shepler Motion Passed
  3. Public Comment: No Public Comment
  4. Bylaws & rules, amend as needed & vote to approve: Kitchmaster/Lackey to make roll call vote. Roll call vote was performed, motion to change wording to the bylaws passed unanimously. 
  5. Notice received from Handy Twp. Re updating their Master Plan, if there are any concerns after review the planning commission will contact Handy Twp
  6. In the review Zoning Ordinance articles 4 & 5, no additional topics or changes suggested in addition to those in September, see September minutes
  7. The planning commission discussed the solar ordinance, related to wording found in neighboring township, White Oak Township. The planning commission consensus is that a stronger ordinance is needed to manage the solar opportunities that are becoming readily available to the community.

While reviewing the solar variance from the White Oak Township Solar Ordinance the Commission found that many topics should be added to the Locke Township Ordinance Some                suggested changes to the White Oak Solar Ordinance for Locke township are: C) Small Scale Solar Energy System, to D) Solar Farms that ‘Glare’ is not addressed in the Solar Farm, and ‘Noise’ would not be addressed in Small Scale. Both should be addressed/added. Small scale systems should be held accountable to stay below 40dB.

In the decommission wording of the document reviewed, there is no timing listed for the decommission. The Planning Commission would like the planner to suggest reasonable decommission timing to add to the ordinance

Dorothy will submit the current Locke Township Solar & Wind Ordinance, the White Oak Township Solar & Wind Ordinance, along with the Planning Commission’s suggestions and concerns to the township planner

  1. No concerns, comments of PC members, ZA, and/or consultants were made. 
  2. No public comment. 
  3. Planning Commission adjourned at 7:56 
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