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Meeting Minutes 2-14-24

LOCKE TOWNSHIP BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES                                     Draft 02-14-2024

February 13, 2024                                                                                                                            Approved___________


The Locke Township Board met February 13, 2024, in the Locke Township Hall, 3805 Bell Oak Road.

Present:  Hart, Turner, Rambo, Shepler, Davis.  Also present:   Ty Hull and Duane Pinckney.

Absent:  None.

Call to order at 7:00 PM by Supervisor Hart followed by pledge to flag.

Additions to agenda/approval of agenda.

Action on January 9, 2024 meeting minutes.  Motion Shepler, second Rambo, to approve the minutes of January 9, 2024 Board of Trustees meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.

Action on Accounts Payable checks. Motion Hart, second Davis to amend accounts payable checks to add payroll ck# 6142- Bob Davis, for February meeting .  PASSED {5-0}.

Motion Shepler, second Rambo to approve amended accounts payable checks #6140-#6175 as amended in the amount of $18000.16.  PASSED {5-0}.

Public Comment.  Comment from Duane Pinckney-interest in PC vacancy.

Unfinished Business:

*Quotes summary for security cameras for new ballot drop box & installation of ballot drop box.  MI Twp Part Plan Risk Reduction Program grants opportunity.

The following Questions/concerns from Board members were discussed:

  1. Motion activated
  2. Days of recording
  3. Stand alone unit (Not connected to server)
  4. Warranty
  5. NDAA compliance.

Twp Board to revisit in April when information on these concerns are available.


New Business:

*2024-25 Wages.  Motion Shepler, second Rambo to approve the 2024-25 Locke Township

wages (effective 04/01/2024) as presented.  PASSED {5-0}.

*Resolution #2024-03 Poverty Guidelines and Income/Asset Test.  Motion Turner, second

Shepler to adopt Resolution #2024-03 Poverty Guidelines and income/Asset Test.  Roll call

vote; Yes-Davis, Rambo, Hart, Shepler, Turner.  No-None.  PASSED {5-0}.

*2024 Locke Township Lawn Maintenance.

Cemeteries:  Strongs Lawn Service $850.00 per mow [same company/price as last year].

Motion Davis, second Turner to accept Strongs Lawn Service for cemetery mowing for 2024.

PASSED  {5-0}.

Twp Hall:  Nick’s Lawn Service $80 per mow [same company/price as last year].

Motion Davis, second Rambo to accept Nick’s Lawn Service for Twp Hall mowing for 2024.

PASSED {5-0}.

*Resignation of Deputy Treasurer Julia Keyes 1-15-24.  Motion Turner, second Davis to accept resignation from Deputy Treasurer Julia Keyes effective 1-15-24.  PASSED {5-0}.

*Treasurer appointment of Deputy Treasurer Michelle Soliz on 1-25-24.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to accept appointment of Deputy Treasurer Michelle Soliz effective 1-25-24.  PASSED {5-0}.

*Authorization of Michelle Soliz to be a signer at Independent Bank.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to authorize Michelle Soliz to be a signer at Independent Bank.  PASSED {5-0}.

*2024 Local Road Program discussed.

*Hall Rentals monthly/annual summary.  Rambo would like to revisit the issue of low humidity at the hall.

*Draft 2024-2025 General Budget Worksheet discussed.

*Schedule Budget Public Hearing.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to schedule the General Budget Public Hearing for March 12, 2024 @ 7 PM.  PASSED {5-0}.

*2024 Local Road Program.  Motion Rambo, second Turner to accept the Milton Road project at project cost of $55,055 and request the remainder Road Dept matching funds to be rolled over to 2025.  PASSED {5-0}.

*Received $107.51 dividend return from our workers compensation insurance-Accident fund Ins Co.

*Renewable Energy discussion, including ballot initiative and options for local government.

*$1000.00 quote from TC Tree Service to remove leaning pine tree in Bell Oak Cemetery.  Motion Turner, second Shepler to approve removal of leaning pine tree at a cost of $1000, in Bell Oak Cemetery by TC Tree Service.  PASSED {5-0}.

*Volunteer for Bell Oak Cemetery-remove 2 stumps/clean-up.  Motion Shepler, second Rambo to authorize the volunteer to remove 2 stumps/clean up.  PASSED {5-0}.



*Clerk- Jan rev/exp report review; mailed 705 postcards notifying households of early voting; received & tested new election equipment; prepare/distribute W-2/1099’s employee tax reports-submit to IRS and State; 01/30 held Election Commission meeting; 02/01 attend Clerks Early Voting training @ Vevay Twp hall-East Lansing Clerk facilitator; 2/02 performed Preliminary Accuracy Test w/Dep Clerk; 02/07 BOE Early Voting  E-Pollbook Training; 2/08 performed Public Accuracy Test w/Spvsr & Treas; 2/12 Election Inspector Training-Ingham County.

*Treasurer- Jan 31 Treasurers report review; attend 01/17 MTA Renewable Energy Siting; What’s next? Webinar; attend 01/30 Election Commission meeting; will meet 03/14 w/Decker Ins-review renewal policy

*Trustee- Shepler Reported the Planning Commission has started the update on the Master Plan; attend 01/17 MTA Renewable Energy Siting; What’s next? Webinar.

*Supervisor-Attended 01/11 NIESA Bd meeting; Jan NIESA report distributed; Sun 01/14 work on back-up generator; 01/18 met w/ICRD re; 2024 road improvements; complete Census Boundary & Annexation Survey; 01/30 attend Election Commission meeting; attend 2/08 NIESA Bd meeting.

*Zoning Administrator- Jan report distributed, building permits update. Registered MI Assoc of Planning Mar 6 & 7 Zoning Administrators zoom workshop.


Public Comment: Comment on camera storage capacity.


Communications, seminars, etc.:

*MTA 2024 Educational Conference & Expo, April 22-25, Grand Traverse Resort.


Any Other Business/Board member comments:  None


Adjournment:  Motion Davis, second Rambo to adjourn meeting.  PASSED {5-0}.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 by Supervisor Hart.



Glenda S Turner

Locke Township Clerk

Phone: (517) 468-3405
Fax: (517) 468-0105
3805 Bell Oak Rd
Williamston, Mi 48895