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PC Meeting Minutes 1-16-24


JAN. 16, 2024   7:00 PM                  LOCKE TOWNSHIP HALL, 3805 BELL OAK RD, WMSTN


Call to order by Vice Chairperson Shepler / Pledge of Allegiance

Present:  Marcy Shepler, Ty Hull, Jordan Smith.  Absent:  Ben Howard [excused], Sarah Lackey.

Also present:  Bradley Kotrba-Senior Planner Williams & Works, Dorothy Hart, Julie Moore,

Vivian Smith, Karoline Smith.

Note-email received from Lackey that she will not be able to be at the meeting and due to

work schedule plans to resign.


Approval / Additions to agenda.  None.  Motion Smith, second Hull to approve agenda.  PASSED.

Action on October 17, 2023 minutes.  Motion Smith, second Hull to approve Oct. 17, 2023 minutes.


Action on November 21, 2023 minutes.  Motion Shepler, second Smith to approve Nov. 21, 2023

minutes.  PASSED.

Public comment.  None.


New Business.

*Williams & Works Senior Planner Bradley Kotrba, AICP;  Master Plan kick off.  Distribute timeline.

Will be Master Plan  PC Workgroup at scheduled meeting dates.

Outline the process.  Letter of Intent to prepare new Master Plan has been mailed by W & W.

[Depart Vivian & Karoline Smith.]

Review timeline – What deliverables will look like for certain meetings; Topics to be discussed at

each meeting.

*Insert Ord 2023-03 Wind Energy Systems into Zoning Ordinance books, add/delete info. Distributed.

*Insert Ord 2024-04 Solar Energy Systems into Zoning Ordinance books, add/delete info.  Distributed.

*Ballot Initiative Committee Jan. 4, 2024 email.  Re:  Restore Local Control of Utility Scale Solar & Wind.

Copy requested to be distributed to PC.

*Election of Officers:

Chairperson [currently Lackey]  Motion Shepler, second Hull to appoint Smith.  PASSED.

Vice Chairperson [currently Shepler]  Motion Hull, second Smith to appoint Shepler.  PASSED.

Secretary [currently Lackey]  Motion Shepler, second Hull to appoint Howard.  PASSED.

[Meeting moderated by Smith at this time.]


Unfinished business.  None.

Public comment/communications.

*11-15-2023 Williamstown Twp Planning Committee, intent to prepare new Twp Master Plan

*11-06-2023 Williamston Comm Schools, urgent need for additional housing inventory

*12-01-2023 Woodhull Twp Plan Comm, intent to prepare new Twp Master Plan

*MI Housing Readiness Incentive Grant Program for Master Plans that encourage increasing

                                Housing supply and affordability.  Copy requested to be distributed to PC.

*The Twp Guide to Planning and Zoning, Building the Future.  Informational guide.

*Consumers Energy inquiry regarding parcel 33 04 04 19 400 002 planned upgrades for:

2nd driveway,  7’ fencing w/1’ barbed wire, add valves, launchers & receivers.  Review

Land Use Permit issued July 5, 2012.  Planning Commission consensus that the planned

upgrades are a minor change as described in Zoning Ordinance Section 4.06 Changes to

Approved Site Plan.

Concern/comments of PC members, Zoning Administrator and Consultants.  None.

Meeting adjournment.  Motion Smith, second Shepler to adjourn.  PASSED.  Meeting adjourned at 7:55.




Dorothy G Hart

Locke Twp Sprvsr


2024 meeting dates:  Jan 16   Mar 19   Apr 16     May 21    June 18    July 16     Aug 20    Sept 17    Oct 15     Nov 19


Current Planning Commission members/terms:

12/31/2024   Ben Howard

11/20/2024   Marcy Shepler-ex official Twp Bd member

12/31/2025   Jordan Smith & Ty Hull

12/31/2026   Sarah Lackey

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